Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still here...

I have been a bit preoccupied with work and with life lately-- most of my time at work has been spent writing for my job (you know what I do) and since I have been writing for that, I haven't wanted to write personally. I submit my work to the designer today so it will be nice to be FINISHED with my project for a few days so I can get some other work done.

I have been a bit depressed- the organization I work for is laying off 15% of the workforce next week so it has been especially scary the past 2 weeks with everyone I work with speculating if they are going to be laid off (or not). I have no idea if I am one of the people to be laid off, but if I am, it will be especially hard since I just moved here less than 2 months ago and have no network to help me find another job. And bought a new car. And have a 2 year lease.

No matter if I stay or go I will still be sad-- a lot of people I think are extremely smart and talented are going to be let go.

It will not be a good week next week.

I am breathing and trying to just get through these next few days.

I got my bridesmaid dress for the May 30th wedding, and have to go buy the undergarments for it sometime in the next few days, then get it altered. I am excited to be back in the Midwest from May 22-June 2nd.

My cousin is graduating from college this weekend so I am traveling to see my family and see him graduate. I am proud he found his calling in life and am happy he was accepted into a great graduate program.

TBO has a vet appt on Friday-- he has 3 large and scary lumps on his back and has been crying a lot. I hope he is OK and not in pain. We shall know soon enough, I guess. 15 is a ripe old age for a cat. He is starting to have "grumpy old man" days where all he does is pout and sleep.

So all in all, kind of a crappy month and it is only May 6th.

Sorry I am such a Debbie Downer today!!

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