Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Open letter to the cable company

Dear big behemoth company with a monopoly:

I am done with you.

Tomorrow, I will call your disconnect line and get rid of your DVR service, your On Demand service and your stupid box. Oh, and the phone service too. I wish I could get rid of the cable completely and my internet service, but alas, you are a MONOPOLY, and I can’t have any other service in my building.

And you know that. You are twirling your handlebar mustache  and laughing behind my back right now, aren’t you??

I have spent COUNTLESS hours on the phone with your incompetent  “customer service reps” and have had 5 techs in my home in the past 35 days.

None of them can figure out what the problems are. NONE OF THEM.

I have had my condo rewired.

I have been yelled at by a CSR.

I have stayed home from work 5 times for you to tell me you can’t fix my problem.

I have had 4 new cable boxes.

I have been given credits* and fake apologies.

I have been told (today) I am past due on my bill, though the 7 different CSR people I have talked to over the past 7 days have told me my bill was due on 7 different days and that they had given me so many credits I would not have to pay for another few weeks.

I am done with your shady business practices.

I miss the ease of use of TiVo (and it did SO much more than the DVR for Comcast). It only costs 3 bucks more for better service. I am going back to them as soon as I can.

I had DirectTV for 7 years in Chicago, and other than the few times we had issues during weather related outages, I never had a cable TV problem. NEVER.

Your company- nothing but problems, and outages and issues., Issues you can’t seem to fix.

Gee, do you think it was because they did not have a monopoly and they had to treat their customers with respect and dignity?

You are picking a BAD time to make your customers mad. The economy is bad; you don’t want all your customers to leave you do you?

Oh, that’s right, WE CAN’T! You have a MONOPOLY OVER US!!!!!!!!!


A former DVR/OnDemand customer

*that more than one mean CSR has told me I don’t deserve. GRRR

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