Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Deer Saga of 2009

And so it happened...


Driving from Iowa to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, I was passing someone in the interstate and ran over something big and dead in the road. I couldn't swerve to miss it - and thought my car would clear it no problem.

It didn't.

As soon as I drove over it I heard it hit-- Ka-klunk.


I waited for the thump-thump of a flat tire or something on the car's dash to tell me I totally screwed up my car, but nothing happened. 

I then got really sick and forgot all about the "dead thing in the road". Fast forward a week and as I was walking out of work, I noticed something dangling from the bottom of my car. Upon further (really far actually) looking, I realized it was something DEAD under my car.


I went to the car wash (with an under carriage cleaning option)  and tried to wash the "thing" off.

Yeah, not so much.

Dead thing 1, me 0.

I went to a local Honda dealer and they actually laughed me off the lot- they weren't gonna touch it.

Dead thing 2, me 0.

So I called MY dealer (about 15 miles away) and they told me to bring the car in this morning.

I was not so much worried about the dead animal part on my car; I was more worried about the damage it might have done when I hit it.

Ok, I was worried about the dead animal part too- It is 90 degrees here right now- I DID NOT want my car smelling like animal carcass! EW EW EW!

When I got to the dealership, we all had a good laugh and I asked them if I could take a picture of whatever it it when they get the car up on the lift.

When I walked out there, I saw THIS:



Yes- That is a


hanging out of my car frame!!! It was so wedged in there, the poor mechanic was pulling so hard, the whole car was moving.

I am serious.

deer bill

You can't see how wrapped up the hide and bone is in the frame. Thank goodness it didn't puncture a tire or the oil line or something.

The cool thing is, no damage to the not-even-two-month-old car. It is fully removed and they even washed my car for me.

AND, my AWESOME dealership did not even charge me for the service call. I love them!!

SO SO SO glad it is off my car!

SO GLAD!! :-)

So that was my Saturday, how was yours?


  1. AP! This is beyond grossssss! So glad you and the car are okay, though. But agree with JP - eeew!